Season’s Greetings From Catalyst!

The holidays are in full swing and that means it’s officially greeting card season!  Each year, whether our clients have been naughty or nice, Catalyst sends a holiday greeting to everyone on our list.  As we began to brainstorm for 2021, we took a look back at the designs from years past.  It turned out to be more fun than balancing cookies on grandpa’s nose while he naps on the couch!

This year, we decided to share some of our old favorites with you as well as our special holiday message for 2021 down at the bottom.  So don your favorite ugly sweater and grab a cup of cheer as we take a stroll through a winter wonderland of Catalyst holiday greetings!

The message was simple when it all started, but who doesn’t love a good ol’ mug of hot chocolate?!

A Holiday Tradition 1

Our Catalyst logo snowflake made it’s first appearance the next year.  It’s said that every snowflake is unique, just like each project at Catalyst!

A Holiday Tradition 2

Things got a bit fancier when Santa had us design a new and improved sleigh.  We also showed love to our hometown in 2017.

A Holiday Tradition 3
A Holiday Tradition 4

We scratched our creative itch while designing this gingerbread house to satisfy our client’s sweet tooth.  (Some assembly required.)

A Holiday Tradition 5
A Holiday Tradition 6

2018 was a busy year!  We thought it would be fitting to show our elves hard at work while highlighting the Catalyst process.

A Holiday Tradition 7

A snowman is a winter time favorite for both the young and the young at heart!  Imagine using a mold to quickly build an entire snowman army in your front yard!

A Holiday Tradition 8

We all know why the 2020 card was different from previous years.  You gotta love the cautious optimism!

A Holiday Tradition 9

This year we decided to try our hand at a little stop motion video.  Homemade crafts can spark creativity and create cherished memories.  It goes to show that with just a few simple materials and a healthy dose of ingenuity, great things can be made.


Happy holidays to you, your friends and family from everyone at Catalyst!

Catalyst Product Development Group