The Highs and Lows of 3D Printing

A prototyping technology that has been utilized in the Product Development field for years has become a hot topic.  Yes, 3D Printing, or Additive Manufacturing as some may like the more technical term, has come to the forefront as an increased capability not only for manufacturers and Product Development firms, but for individual designer, engineers, inventors and entrepreneurs.

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Technology Hits the Road: Running Gear Over the Last 30 Years

Much of the appeal of running lies in its inherent simplicity. You don’t need much more than a decent pair of shoes in order to head out the door and put sole to pavement, but over time, we get bored with that simplicity. As technology has grown into an increasingly integral part of our daily routines, it’s no surprise that it has found its way into our collection of must have workout tools. As incredible as the devices we have today are, it’s important to remember where it all started. 

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