Catalyst Invests in Next Generation Innovators

October 22, 2018

Catalyst is determined to pass on its love of exploration to the next generation of innovative thinkers. Catalyst partners with local organizations to give Indianapolis students the opportunity to understand innovation, engineering and science in a real-life business setting.

Catalyst and IDEAA (Innovation, Design, Engineering, Advanced-Manufacturing and Automation) gives area students a hands-on business experience.

Catalyst invests in next generation product design innovators

During the session, students interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) interacted with Catalyst staff to learn more about working in the industry.

“We really enjoy interacting with the students,” said Paul Zink, Creative Services Manager at Catalyst. “It’s important to provide opportunities within the community and encourage diversity of thought in the next generation.”

Frameworks for innovation

The students were welcomed into Catalyst’s Innovation Room where the session took place. Catalyst team members described the typical product development process and walked the group through some brainstorming and ideation techniques often used to create innovative design solutions.

After the presentation, the students were given a general product category where they would then apply those techniques to create an entirely new product idea within 60 seconds! Each student was able to participate and interact during the activities and came away understanding how useful brainstorming is as a creative tool.


The group of 26 students were able to create countless new product concepts that they kept for their own portfolios. The Catalyst team then discussed how the creative power of collaborative design thinking can create new products, develop innovative solutions, and even change the world.

Catalyst prides itself on collaborative teamwork to create new solutions. View examples of our work or contact us to learn more about how Catalyst can take your project to the next level.