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A large part of Catalyst’s business is producing rapid, prototype, and bridge plastic injection tooling for our clients. In fact, few vendors who specialize only in tooling can consistently build the complex plastic injection molds that we do in the lead time or price that we do it. But, in quoting situations sometimes we hear “I have a quote from China that is less than yours”. When we hear this, we think of the little Chinese finger puzzles that are popular at kid’s birthday parties. The key is to relax, think about why you are trapped, and then escape.

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How to Choose the Right Rapid Tooling Partner

While some failures can lead to new discoveries and opportunities, “success challenged development” often only succeeds in consuming valuable time and budget. Errors caught early in the process such as during prototyping, can be quick and inexpensive to address. But, errors discovered further downstream are usually more challenging to remedy. And, time lost to errors deep in the development cycle is not only more difficult to recover, but also very costly. Obviously, the solution is to identify challenges early in the design process—often easier said than done.

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