By outworking it! This can be pretty challenging when your competition is hunger.

“In just Indiana alone, there are over a million people who do not have enough food—a third of which are children,” remarks Catalyst President, Jack Lawson. 

This November, Catalyst Product Development, Inc. is determined to outwork hunger with its annual “Hunger Doesn’t Take Time Off” initiative. Catalyst united with Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana and Feeding America to help raise hunger awareness in the organization by conducting a food drive with an impressive goal of gathering at least 1,500 food items this year. To inspire as much participation as possible, associates were offered the opportunity to help collect food items to contribute, and in exchange, Catalyst provided a paid day off for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day. To help beat hunger and make an impact on our community, Catalyst agreed to match every item given by associates, one for one.

“We feel fortunate each year at Catalyst and we would like to do what we can to give back to those that may need help. Our partner, Gleaners Food Bank does a fantastic job and hopefully by supporting them we can make even a small difference.” said President Jack Lawson.

Catalyst and Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana united to gather over 1,500 food items to feed hungry Hoosiers.

Associates stepped up to the challenge immediately, as boxes full of pantry items flooded in each day. With a resounding 100% of Catalyst associates taking part in the event this year, the company not only reached its goal, but exceeded it by donating over 2,000 food items. Catalyst will celebrate the accomplishment by presenting the items to a Gleaner’s representative in early December.

Sarah Estell of Gleaners Food Bank said, “The important thing to keep in mind during a food drive is that every single can or box that is donated will go right to a hungry Hoosier in our 21 county service area. Fund drives to purchase healthy food at deep discounts, combined with focused food drives, help us to offer balanced meal-making items with higher nutritional value to the families we serve.”

 Join with Catalyst and donate to feed hungry Hoosiers this holiday season. 

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