“All Dreams can come true if we have courage to pursue them.”  Walt Disney

Catalyst Product Development supports and speaks with entrepreneurs and start-up companies weekly. Whether it is a biochemist searching for design assistance for a new device, a medical technician who has identified a more useful tool for surgery, or physical therapist looking to design new exercise equipment.   Our employees team with both entrepreneurs and businesses to supplement up-front design, mechanical engineering, prototyping, tooling, and thermoplastic injection molding.  The biggest benefit is it can be found all under one roof at our facility in Indianapolis, IN.

2020 allowed many individuals to find quiet time to stop, think and opt to take a chance.  It has allowed for fresh starts, a new beginning or pursuit of a dream.   On March 24, 2020, eleven days after the start of Indiana’s COVID-19 lockdown, Catalyst Product Development received an inquiry from Stephen Beeler, a high school Physics teacher, about assistance with developing his fresh take on a standard phone case.

All Dreams Can Come True 1

Stephen’s idea sparked to life while traveling on an airplane.   While trying to settle in and watch a movie, he attempted to prop his phone up on the flat tray table.  The vibrations made for instability over an extended time. He immediately began to brainstorm alternate options and landed on the addition of small hooks integrated into a case, allowing for a variety of attachment options, and viewing angles.  This simple concept has become his 2020 solution for a better phone case with limitless uses, including working and studying from home. 

All Dreams Can Come True 2

Stephen engaged the Catalyst team to develop his initial sketch and was an active participant throughout the project to work through the refinement of the concept and began building the engineering development steps within our collaborative environment.  Using virtual technology, both Stephen and Catalyst were able to develop the product quickly, preparing the design for prototype validation and manufacturing while keeping his original design intent intact.   

All Dreams Can Come True 3
All Dreams Can Come True 4

Multiple prototypes were developed utilizing 3D printing technologies, allowing important user interface and functional feedback that drove design iteration and finalized the engineering refinement.

Six and ½ months later, Steven has launched his Kickstarter campaign of Case Hooks™ and is ready to proceed with manufacturing. Check out Stephen’s dream here.

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