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The Catalyst Rapid Tooling Process is actually very simple and is based on a system of standard sized inserts which are then fit into common bases (our UNI-Base System). Since the ejection, cooling, etc. Is built into the base, customers do not have to pay for a complete mold every time–just the insert and the part geometry. This not only allows us to move incredibly fast, but also keeps costs down. Catalyst was one of the first companies to use insert tool systems.

The main difference between the Catalyst Rapid Tooling System and those used by our competitors, is the wide variety of part sizes and complexities we can offer with our system. While many prototype tooling vendors have tried to make prototype tooling a commodity by using CNC machining and limiting part design and resin choices, we went another direction.

As a company started by designers, engineers, and tool makers, we know that not every plastic part is small, simple, open & shut, or only molded from commodity grade resins. We know that sometimes you need a sharp corner or feature, that some dimensions are critical-to-function, and that not every undercut is on the parting line. Most importantly, we know that you may need some Engineering Changes and Catalyst does not automatically require you to re-build your mold for every little change or tweak.

We still believe that true mold making is an art and you should not have to sacrifice speed and detail, or pay high prices to get the parts the way you designed them in the material you want them in.

About Us

Since 1999, Catalyst Product Development has been providing solutions and getting our clients to market fast. Starting with just four people in a small 500 square foot house, Catalyst has grown to over 35 people occupying 28,000 square feet of space dedicated to brainstorming, mechanical design, prototype construction and validation, tooling development, and short-run injection molding and assembly.

This integration of services allows for quick solutions without sacrificing quality or creativity and enables us to compress design cycles and reduce lead times.

Unlike any other facility, the cross-functional expertise at Catalyst allows us to take a product idea from concept through completion–usually without leaving the building. It is not unusual to have a rough “napkin” sketch of a product come in the front door, and soon to have completed, finished products flowing out the back.

We’re investing in our ability to create and execute in the most progressive ways possible. We’re growing to meet the changing needs of our customers, always delivering revolutionary product solutions. Our eye is on the industry trends and the things that are important to you.

And, we’re here to stay. Inventing and reinventing the way ideas are moved from mind to market.

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