Design centers around human factors, identifying unmet opportunities, and ideation. By delivering dynamic designs, uniting form, function, and environmental considerations, Catalyst creates real products that connect with users while achieving strategic intent.

Catalyst delivers design thinking that works. Often, our clients ask us to simply redefine an existing
product or brand. Other times, we are the springboard that sets the direction for new product and brand strategy. These are not just clever ideas, but thoughtful, real world solutions that make a difference in our client’s bottom line.Beginning with a period of discovery, we conduct user research, uncover unmet needs, collect inspiration, and capture imagery to develop dynamic and influential concepts and designs. Without compromising creative solutions or ideas, our industrial design team intuitively approaches design for manufacturing intent.

Unlike typical product development companies, our industrial designers work alongside engineers, tooling experts, and manufacturing specialists. This vertical integration of resources allows Catalyst to provide comprehensive brand and product development strategies.

Many design firms focus on aesthetics and let others worry about manufacturability and economic considerations. Catalyst focuses on creating real world product solutions while also delivering dynamic designs.

Empathic Design
Brand Category Development & Strategy
User Interface Design
Form Studies
User Interface Design
Virtual & Physical Modeling
Story Boarding
Photorealistic Renderings
Design Thinking