If you have a dog, your pet is part of the family.

Dogs can bring a lot of joy whether it’s at playtime, simply hanging around the house or as a true companion on long walks.  But picking up after your puppy when you are out and about can be … well, kind of crappy.  You can easily flat out forget that Fido is going to answer nature’s call and get caught completely unprepared.

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Cheap pet bag holders break or get lost.  Sometimes you stuff a grocery bag in your pocket only to discover the dreaded hole in the bottom after it’s too late.  Eventually, the whole neighborhood has literally had it up to here with your buddy’s little gifts. 

That’s where Jennifer Blaese steps in to save the day!

Colorful Components

Her company is Greenline Pet Supply which sells a handy little gadget to solve all your dog walking woes.  The Loop poop bag holder is always at hand because it slides right onto your dog’s leash.  Tough and highly functional, this little lifesaver still manages to look great too!  Jennifer is proud to be known as the poop bag lady so when your pup has to go number two, she’ll surely be number one in your heart!

Catalyst engineers and industrial designers refined the design.

When Jennifer started her company, she turned to Catalyst for design, engineering and manufacturing support.   We were able to refine the design, tool up and deliver the first production batch at a price point where she’s kept manufacturing with us from day one.  Offering quality, American made products is a core value of Greenline Pet Supply.  With the current challenges to navigating a strained global supply chain, Jennifer knows domestic manufacturing is more important than ever.

“At tradeshows, everybody said: ‘Do you have this made in China?’ No, that’s a non-negotiable for us and it’s not going to happen.  The more that you can show that you can have a quality product, have a quicker turn around time and be priced competitive, you can show that it’s possible.”  -Jennifer Blaese

Keeping You In The Loop 1

We appreciate it, Jennifer!

Keeping You In The Loop 2

When Catalyst was running Greenline’s most recent batch of The Loop, we invited Jennifer down for a visit.  She was able to watch as her components were injection molded and talk with the techs who run production here.  Since Catalyst appreciates our clients so much, we even let Jennifer run a cycle or two!

Helping companies like Greenline Pet Supply succeed is what keeps us excited to come to work at Catalyst.  We asked Jennifer why she has been a loyal client over the years and she had plenty to say.  Watch this video to hear more from Jennifer about her partnership with Catalyst and see the highlights from her visit!

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