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Real product design and development is not only about a product’s appearance, but how it exists, feels, works in the hands of the user. Catalyst takes a holistic, intuitive approach to design. We consider not only how a product looks on the outside, but how it will work on the inside. Appearance counts, but functionality matters.


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The Catalyst Difference

Catalyst was started by product designers, engineers, and manufacturers to support product designers, engineers and manufacturers. Our facility is like no other design consultancy. We understand that different departments have different needs which must coalesce for successful products to become reality. Innovative design concepts are critical but are meaningless if they cannot be manufactured. We offer complete product development services through plastic injection, manufacturing and final assembly. This not only protects our client’s intellectual property but ensures that the products we design can be cost-effectively prototyped, tested, manufactured, serviced, packaged and distributed. Many product development firms claim they understand product development from design through manufacturing, but do they have the confidence to offer those services in-house? Catalyst does.

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7 Keys To Reshoring

7 Keys To Reshoring

You’re not alone if you think the news cycle has been a bit much to handle lately. Among all the shocking headlines vying for our attention, there’s been a recurring theme: The (still) broken global supply chain.
It seems like we have been talking about supply chain issues for a loooong time now. Wait, we have!

Mass Appeal

Mass Appeal

“We like to be very interactive with our clients, and I think that helps them get engaged in the process. And then we can help the world see their dreams in that way. It’s pretty exciting for me.”

Reality Driven Design

Reality Driven Design

“It is a simple fact that even the most attractive conceptual design is worthless if it cannot be made using common and efficient manufacturing methods.”

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