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Real product design and development is not only about a product’s appearance, but how it exists, feels, works in the hands of the user. We take a holistic, intuitive approach to design; considering not only how a product looks on the outside, but how it will work on the inside. Appearance counts, but functionality matters.

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Catalyst was started by product designers, engineers, and manufacturers for product designers, engineers, and manufacturers. Our facility is like no other design consultancy. We understand that different departments have different needs which must coalesce for successful products to happen. Innovative design concepts are critical, but they are meaningless if they cannot become reality. We offer complete creative services through plastic injection, manufacturing, and assembly—entirely in-house—we do not outsource. This not only protects our client’s intellectual property but ensures that the products we design can be cost-effectively prototyped, tested, manufactured, serviced, packaged, distributed. Many product development firms claim they understand design through manufacturing, but do they have the confidence to offer those services in-house? Catalyst does.


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The Right Tool for the Job

The Right Tool for the Job

Over the past 20 years, we have witnessed how our ever-connected world has affected most business models. 

…When You’re Having Fun

…When You’re Having Fun

Five years ago, I wrote a similar post to this entitled “Time Flies” and was really proud of that title because it was so accurate.

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