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Reality Driven Design.

Real product design and development is not only about a product’s appearance, but how it exists, feels, works in the hands of the user. Catalyst takes a holistic, intuitive approach to design. We consider not only how a product looks on the outside, but how it will work on the inside. Appearance counts, but functionality matters.

            OUR APPROACH VISUALIZED                                                                                        ISO 9001:2015

        Complete Product Development Services.

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The Catalyst Difference

Catalyst was started by product designers, engineers, and manufacturers to support product designers, engineers and manufacturers. Our facility is like no other design consultancy. We understand that different departments have different needs which must coalesce for successful products to become reality. Innovative design concepts are critical but are meaningless if they cannot be manufactured. We offer complete product development services through plastic injection, manufacturing and final assembly. This not only protects our client’s intellectual property but ensures that the products we design can be cost-effectively prototyped, tested, manufactured, serviced, packaged and distributed. Many product development firms claim they understand product development from design through manufacturing, but do they have the confidence to offer those services in-house? Catalyst does.


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Here you will find a brief outline of the capabilities and services offered at Catalyst to help evaluate the potential of a partnership. While Catalyst is a first time exhibitor at OMTEC this year, we are not new to rapid product development.

Celebrating By The Numbers

Celebrating By The Numbers

It’s been an honor to serve iconic brands that have graced the Fortune 500 list as perennial powerhouses. Companies like Eli Lilly, Kodak, Goodyear, and Microsoft have challenged Catalyst to improve and refine our process while shaping product lines that are a staple of American consumerism.

Unlock The Possibilities With 3D Printing

Unlock The Possibilities With 3D Printing

The choice of materials and methods in 3D printing plays a pivotal role in the success of a project. It’s a decision that encompasses various factors, each contributing to the final outcome. At Catalyst, our team of designers and engineers work to ensure that your project benefits from the most suitable combination of materials and methods.

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