“Let’s Trust the Process.”

Once you have been a client of ours for any length of time, you’ve probably heard a few references to the Catalyst Product Development Process. It’s an all-encompassing label given to the many daily decisions we make here while guiding customers through the creation of new, innovative, and useful products.

When boiled down to just a few concepts, the approach can be applied in just about any context whether it is for a physical product or a service.

Catalyst Process Cycle Graphic
Stage 1
Define the problem or unmet need through insight, market research, surveys or customer requests. Sometimes you need them all.
Stage 2
Brainstorm for possible solutions from all angles. Gather diverse thinkers. Any idea is on the table.
Stage 3
Implement the best option. Design and build it. Get something in users hands.


Stage 4
Test the outcome. See how the solution works in the real world. Ask for opinions. Take notes.
Stage 5
Improve the solution. Take the good and make it better, also lose the bad.
Stage 6
Repeat if necessary. Be honest. Head back a few stages or all the way to the beginning.

While rooted in the basic design cycle, our approach has grown and adapted over time to create more value for our customers. We have found the key to successful product development is to remain flexible and focus on the customer’s needs on a case-by-case basis. And that’s how Catalyst has approached each project that came through our door, regardless of scope or industry. Focusing on the client has been a driving factor behind every decision we have made since Catalyst first began operations 23 years ago.

Coming Full Circle

​While the Catalyst Process guides our actions in customer facing situations, it’s also applied within the company to improve internal operations. We consider customer requests and feedback, track trends and keep an eye on industry news that could improve the services we offer from design to manufacture.

As we listened to our current and prospective clients, one avenue of improvement stood above the rest. Internally, we found ourselves at stage 5 of the Catalyst process: Improve the Solution.

Catalyst Process Cycle Graphic highlighting Improvement Stage

The Big Reveal

In an effort to better serve our customers through higher standards of quality, repeatability, and enhanced documentation, Catalyst is proud to announce ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certification.

It is not common practice for design and prototyping companies to offer ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing. Many times, clients only require proof of concept, design iteration or an MVP level of production. However, Catalyst has exceeded these standards for decades because this company is much more than a prototyping firm. We conceive, design, and deliver complete products that are ready for the market with the entire process being completed in a single facility.

While the existing Catalyst process aligned closely with requirements of ISO certification, there has been significant effort to further improve internal operations. Efforts to obtain ISO certification began with the hiring of a Director of Quality Assurance/Advanced Manufacturing, have included hundreds of hours in targeted associate training, enhanced process documentation and an expansion of software integration on the manufacturing floor.

So, Let’s Trust the (Improved) Process

When investments are made to improve the Catalyst process, we consider that a win for clients as well as the company. For Catalyst the result is higher inventory accuracy, detailed job tracking, records of individual component parameters, as well as enhanced internal review and quality reporting. Client benefits are numerous, but of most importance are shortened lead times, repeatability, improved component quality and batch consistency.

While we are proud to offer ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing services, the quest for improvement does not stop there. We will continue to trust the process in order to improve the process. (Especially step five.) Catalyst is committed to helping our clients succeed whether it is through expansion of equipment, specialized expertise, new technology or additional certifications.

Contact Us if you have a question, comment, or suggestion. We welcome the opportunity to better serve you.

Catalyst Product Development Group