Engineering defines concepts ensuring structural, functional, and mechanical elements are resolved. Our Engineers consider real world aspects such as: manufacturability, optimization, serviceability, user interface, while maintaining design integrity.

At Catalyst, we consider engineering to be an extension of the creative process. With over 150+ years of combined product development experience, in industrial design and engineering, we complement our clients core competencies. Additionally, this experience provides Catalyst with the ability to leverage unique ideas across diverse industries, ensuring innovative solutions.

The Catalyst engineering team considers the many ways a product may be used, and identifies the intersection between optimum design and ideal manufacturing methods. Once a concept or direction is selected, our engineering team evolves concepts to maturity and resolves manufacturing details while enhancing the overall design intent.

Through a series of simulations and various rapid prototyping techniques, the Catalyst Product Development engineering team is able to anticipate potential obstacles and uncover valuable design enhancements. This product development approach and vertical integration of services reduces the length of time between critical stage gates, increasing our clients bottom line.

Mechanical Engineering
Mold Flow Analysis
Structural Analysis (FEA)
Complex Surface Modeling
Enclosure Development
Development for Manufacturability