Push Up Machine Customer Spotlight

The following article is the transcript of a video available on the Catalyst Customer Testimonial page. Click here to watch.

You could say I’m that entrepreneur who’s just looking to change people’s lives in a positive way. As a personal trainer and being in this business for 25 years, I’m a big believer in functional movement and being able to move your body. If I have ten clients and I say, okay, give me ten pushups. I’m going to see ten variations of the pushup. So, the idea for the pushup machine came from personal training and watching really bad push-ups. So, the original thought of it was basically just a standardization of a pushup where you have handles, your chest hits a pad, the handles have the inner stopper, the handles hit the outer stopper and your chest hits the pad. Therefore, the data that I’m getting as I’m watching is standardization quality reps of a pushup.

So, I just started with a napkin sketch, you know, and then came home to Google it. Okay, I’ve got this idea, where do I go to make a prototype? And Catalyst was the one that caught my eye first. It started with an initial meeting, and that’s when I went from this guy with a napkin to like, “Oh man, this is a big process.”

You know, it’s like getting that napkin to production mode is a big deal. And I thought that napkin would just be, okay, let’s do this. Catalyst was instrumental in helping me understand that product development process. I think we all have great ideas in our minds that work really well, but to physically make them work well, there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to get to that level. But I trusted the process with them, and every part of the process just worked well. So, you know, bringing me into the office, sitting me down at the table, talking about it and getting my feedback as well. I’m just, you know, a small little guy with an idea. But some of the products I’ve created, they’re just you know, they’re the products you see out on the shelves at major supply chains.

So having that confidence, it also made me feel really good that they cared about me just as much as their big clients. So once that happened, I was like, okay, let’s do this. Catalyst manufactured the first batch with CNC machined parts with plastic injection handles and pads. It caught fire in 2017, and then we sold through the 2000 units and then we just started and just had our shipment of the push up machine 2.0 arrive prior to 2020 Christmas.

If I didn’t go back and go through that product development process with Catalyst, I would have failed at some level. It was great having someone with experience like Catalyst to take me from “Hey, I got this great idea.” to a final product. It’s been a lot of fun.

Catalyst Product Development Group