At Catalyst, we’ve always said that the mark of

a truly comprehensive product development firm is the ability to create a rough concept and then deliver a refined production-quality product.  That means we work in virtually any material or manufacturing process a project requires.  So, plastic injection molding isn’t all we do here, but we pride ourselves on being true experts when it comes to creating high-quality plastic components from scratch.

Insert tool

As a premiere industrial design firm, we recognize the importance of refined aesthetics in new products.  Paramount among a product’s features is the ergonomics, fit, finish and functionality.  Today, we are going to focus on an additional important aspect … color.

Colorful Components

Color is often central to a brand’s identity and connection with their customers.  Great care is taken to define the exact color value whether it’s for a farm tractor, power tool or kitchen appliance.  So how can Catalyst guarantee our clients receive color-matched components?  It turns out that the process is a blend of art and science.

In this video, we take a quick dive into the color matching process.

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