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What do you want to do?

Since you are reading this page, we assume you are looking for product design and development support. No doubt, you will look at a lot of different websites during your search for just the right firm, which you should. But maybe we can save you some time.

You will find that there are a lot of product design and development firms out there employing some of the most creative people on the planet and offering beautiful portfolios. We know, we are one of them. We also know that most of us say essentially the same thing and use the same buzz words.

So, how do you know who to partner with? We would suggest asking yourself one single question:

“What do I want to do?”

If your goal is to brainstorm for blue sky concepts which may or may not be able to be developed, then almost any creative firm you choose, including Catalyst, will be able to do that. And, regardless of who you partner with, you will no doubt be blown away at the concepts produced. When the constraint of reality is removed from the equation, possibilities are nearly endless.

But, if your goal is to design and then to develop a product that can be used, marketed, produced, assembled, serviced, packaged, and sold—you know, the ones that pay the bills–then your search becomes a bit more challenging. This is because there is a huge

difference between the creative firms that say they provide complete product development and those that really do.

Our design center is backed by a complete in-house prototyping and manufacturing facility. It’s what sets us apart from all other product design firms. Since 1999 Catalyst has grown to occupy a 28,000 square foot design center dedicated to user experience exploration, industrial design, brainstorming, engineering, prototyping, validation, and production. If a firm does not have the confidence to offer design-to-manufacturing and production services in-house, then do they have the confidence to offer it at all?

Remember, real product design and development is not only about a product’s appearance, but how it exists, feels, works in the hands of the user. To stop after the concept is rendered on a computer is not product development–that’s art. It may look nice, but it will not create revenues, build brands, or gather market share. That is why Catalyst takes a more intuitive, holistic approach to design. We consider not only how a product looks on the outside, but how it will work on the inside. Any product development firm can offer trendy designs, but Catalyst provides real design solutions for real people for the real world. Appearance counts, but functionality matters.

Our Clients

What our clients are saying…

  From the time that the order is placed to the time that the order is delivered, the process is smooth. Catalyst updates us regularly on the status of the orders and gives us the information we need. They work with us to get us what we need and help us meet our production schedule with their suggestions.”

Eva Qian

Purchasing/Materials Coordinator, JCM GLOBAL, USA/ Futurelogic

  The pet industry is very competitive. If your product doesn’t stand out as unique, you’re going to get lost. Catalyst took my original vision and made it even better. Their integrity to design has gotten my company a lot of press and awareness.

They’re very responsive. If I need something turned around in a couple days, then they will re-arrange things and get it done. I’ve worked with other plastics companies, but they are not as creative as Catalyst. I want someone who can take my vision/prototype and, within two or three versions, get exactly what I want.

Catalyst understands the consumer market and brings a deep net of ideas to every meeting. The designers and engineers work really well together, so I know the designs can actually be produced.”

Andy Boyden

Engineer, Yabozi Pet Products

  Insects Limited designs and makes insect traps with the help of Catalyst’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Throughout the design process, we requested many changes and Catalyst was always very open and good about responding. 

Once we saw how solid of a company they were, there was not much competition. From concept to reality, Catalyst was with us every step of the way, which is what we needed in a partner.”

Pat Kelley

Vice President, Insects Unlimited

  Sterno Products worked with Catalyst to develop initial concepting to production for one of our products. We chose Catalyst because it is both flexible and comprehensive, with industrial design, design engineering, CAD development, manufacturing feasibility, and plastic molding experts. Compared to other firms, Catalyst understood our end goals and worked with us to generate the best result.”

David Amirault

Vice President of Marketing, Sterno Products

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