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THE CATALYST DIFFERENCE: The Catalyst Rapid Tooling Process is designed with flexibility at its core.  Our extensive in-house rapid tooling capability unlocks creative potential with a wide range of plastic part sizes and complexity.

Our commitment to providing choices to our customers is reflected in Catalyst’s broad selection of plastics, which goes beyond the usual, readily available resins. Our highly skilled molding technicians are equipped to quickly evaluate the performance of different materials within the context of your specific application. This means you can make informed decisions about the most suitable materials for your project.

In turn, Catalyst Industrial Designers and Engineers are able to efficiently iterate creative part designs while delivering on project requirements and deadlines. Catalyst’s approach to rapid tooling offers a comprehensive solution that combines flexibility, material diversity, and expert support to deliver outstanding results.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE ON TOOLING*: Our confidence in the reliability of our tooling process is unwavering, and we stand firmly behind our commitment to excellence. When you invest in a new tool at Catalyst, you can trust that it comes with a valuable assurance – a limited lifetime guarantee.

Under this guarantee, as long as molded plastic parts continue to be produced at our facility, we pledge to diligently maintain and repair the tool(s) as required to ensure they remain in optimal operating condition. This commitment is a testament to our dedication to your long-term success and satisfaction.

While this guarantee is designed to provide you with peace of mind, we do have certain restrictions in place. For further details and to explore the specifics of this offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Your satisfaction and the performance of our tools are our top priorities.

PROUDLY AMERICAN MADE: Catalyst takes great pride in our in-house tooling, manufacturing and production facilities, all of which hold ISO 9001:2015 certification.  This certification reflects our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and operational excellence.

One distinct advantage of our approach is that we handle the entire tooling development and manufacturing process domestically. This strategic decision not only affords us complete control over quality, but also ensures the safeguarding of our clients’ invaluable intellectual property. At Catalyst, we understand the importance of trust and confidentiality, and our domestic operations reflect our dedication to both superior quality and the protection of our clients’ interests.


UNI-Base TOOLING INSERT SYSTEM: Catalyst has pioneered an innovative and efficient solution for applications that demand rapid production without the delays associated with long lead-time production molds. With our cutting-edge UNI-Base Insert Tooling, we have streamlined the manufacturing process.

Our approach is centered around a set of standard-sized insert molds that seamlessly integrate into common bases. This design incorporates essential elements like ejection and cooling directly into the base, eliminating the need for clients to invest in a complete mold every time. This not only accelerates the production timeline significantly, but also offers substantial cost savings to our valued clients.

Catalyst takes great pride in being an early adopter of the insert tool system, showcasing our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements. Our UNI-Base tooling process is crafted to prioritize speed, cost-effectiveness, and the production quality of molded plastic parts.

By choosing Catalyst, you’re not just selecting a solution; you’re choosing a partner dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of your project.

STAND-ALONE & MUD TOOLING: In addition to our innovative UNI-Base Insert Tooling, Catalyst offers a versatile range of services to cater to all client needs. We specialize in crafting stand-alone molds and MUD Inserts, tailored to meet both traditional and specific plastic injection tooling requirements.

Our experienced team of toolmakers possesses the expertise to deliver a wide spectrum of solutions. Whether it’s crafting simple tooling inserts for pre-production phases or designing fully automated stand-alone production molds, Catalyst is your trusted partner in precision tooling solutions. We are committed to delivering excellence across the entire spectrum of plastic injection tooling needs, ensuring that your project receives the utmost attention and quality it deserves.



  • Largest standard part size is 18” x 20” x 10” or 14’’ x 24’’ x 10’’. (Exceptions do apply based on part geometry.)
  • Catalyst utilizes JSW electric Molding Presses exclusively.  Press sizes range from 50 to 500 tons.


  • We have implemented redundancy measures for all critical equipment to minimize downtime and uphold our commitment to on-time deliveries.
  • Our comprehensive backup systems cover essential components, including computer hardware, CNC equipment, molding presses, chillers, compressors, and support resources. These redundancy measures are strategically in place to provide seamless continuity in case of any unforeseen technical issues.
  • Furthermore, our molding presses are equipped with advanced features such as gravimetric feeders and hot oil capability, demonstrating our dedication to precision and efficiency in our manufacturing processes.


  • Tool metals are dependent on application and required production quantities. QC10 aerospace grade aluminum is used for the majority of the tools we build. These alloys are tough enough to last for thousands of mold cycles, but are soft enough to allow for quick tool building and multiple engineering changes.
  • Often, we will insert the aluminum with P20 steel in areas with fine detail or complex shut-offs.
  • For higher volume applications or aggressive resin grades, P20 Steel will be used for the entire mold construction. H-13 and S-7 tool steels are also used when needed.



  • Our standard tolerances are +/-.005” in the tool geometry.
  • Since dimensional tolerances on plastic parts are highly dependent on material specification and part design, dimensional requirements will be addressed during project review and kick-off.
  • For dimensions that are critical-to-function (C-T-F), molds can be made “steel safe” or with interchangeable inserts that allow for flexible tool tuning to bring C-T-F’s into spec.

At Catalyst, we leave no room for compromise when it comes to delivering top-notch quality in every aspect of our operations.


  • Catalyst processes only thermoplastic resins. We offer a wide range of plastic resin grades and colors, beyond just in-stock commodity choices. If a material is available and can be processed safely, we are well-prepared to mold it to meet your specific needs.
  • This commitment to versatility ensures we can accommodate a variety of material preferences, aligning our capabilities with your unique requirements.


  • Catalyst has the flexibility to produce molded parts in quantities ranging from a few pieces to many thousands, depending on your specific production needs.
  • Typically, our average annual production quantities fall within the range of up to 100,000 pieces or less. However, it’s important to note that the actual quantity may vary depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the parts involved. Our adaptable manufacturing capabilities ensure we can tailor our production to best suit your specific needs and specifications.

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