The Right Tool for the Job
Over the past 20 years, we have witnessed how our ever-connected world has affected most business models. 
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…When You’re Having Fun
Five years ago, I wrote a similar post to this entitled “Time Flies” and was really proud of that title
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Targeting Optimization through Innovation
Product development from the ground up is not necessarily the best path
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Do You Feel Lucky?
We have all heard or used the phrase “Guess we got lucky” when something goes our way. While that may
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Ideas and Brainstorming
What is Creativity?
There has been much talk lately about AI being used in innovation. As AI continues to evolve, we wonder, can
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Dear Toilet Paper, Be my Valentine
A brief history of toilet paper and how love is a many splintered thing
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Innovative Design Techniques
The Reality of Innovation
Sketchpads, whiteboards, and sticky notes: where product design starts, but shouldn’t end
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The Chinese Tooling Puzzle
The hidden implications of outsourcing product production to low cost countries
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Latest design trends 2019
New Product Perspective & Trends for 2019
Many companies returned from the holidays with a focus on 2019—finalizing financial targets, planning new product introductions, completing budgets.
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Physics and Engineering Paired with Holidays
An Engineering Perspective on Santa Claus
Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus (and he was obviously a quantum physics major at M.I.T.)
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LED Lighting Catalyst Warehouse
Catalyst Converts to all LED High-Bay Lighting in Production Area
Catalyst is reducing its carbon footprint by becoming more energy efficient in their production areas.
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Catalyst and Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana united to gather over 1,500 food items to feed hungry Hoosiers.
Catalyst Fights Hunger with Gleaners Food Bank “Hunger Doesn’t Take Time Off”
How do you beat a competitor that never sleeps and is everywhere at once
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Project Success Reality Based Design
Done Right, the First Time: How to Ensure Project Success
A new client came to us with product renderings completed by a very large, very well-known design firm...
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A Spooky Design Story: Dr. Frankenstein’s Prototype
Since it is Halloween, let’s consider Dr. Frankenstein’s monster from a product development perspective. Or, more accurately, Dr. Frankenstein’s prototype.
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Product Development
Catalyst Invests in Next Generation Innovators
Catalyst is determined to pass on its love of exploration to the next generation of innovative thinkers.
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Product Design Rendering Prototyping
The Curse of Tunnel Vision
One thing I often say to everyone at Catalyst is, “We represent the world outside the box and our customers
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Faucet Design
The Seven Deadly Sins of Product Design
How to protect your next product design project from disaster.
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How to Choose the Right Rapid Tooling Partner
While some failures can lead to new discoveries and opportunities, “success challenged development” often only succeeds in consuming valuable time
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Creative Design Process
The Magic of Collaborative Brainstorming
Some believe that artistic skill and uber-creativity are required prerequisites for brainstorming activities. That could not be farther from the
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Young Designers Inspiration
Inspiring the Next Generation of Design Thinkers
Catalyst Product Development recently welcomed the Young Innovators Quest (YiQ) group to their facility for a tour and a learning
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New Design Center Catalyst
New Innovation Center Brings Design Thinking Closer
Catalyst Product Development recently completed construction of its new Innovation Center adding over 500 square feet of creative space dedicated
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Technology Hits the Road: Running Gear over the Last 30 Years
Much of the appeal of running lies in its inherent simplicity.
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Cooperative Collaboration: A Student’s Perspective
The college experience is typically defined by four years of no parental supervision, long days in class, followed by longer
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3D Printed Products and Design
The Highs and Lows of 3D Printing
In recent months, A prototyping technology that has been utilized in the Product Development field for years has become a
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Time Flies
Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that Dennis and I were at a Penn Station on
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