A Win-Win

Catalyst is committed to long-term success and recognizes the opportunity for capital investment as a solid business practice. You may recall that some time ago, Catalyst made a few additions to our manufacturing equipment for Prototyping, Tooling, and Plastic Injection Molding in order to better serve our clients. Careful selection of this equipment has enabled us to explore new 3D printed materials and their applications, tighten tooling tolerances while accommodating a wider range of part geometry, as well as increase the efficiency of our plastic injection molding operations. (The details of the expansion are here if you’d like an in-depth refresher.) While the impact on day-to-day operations by this equipment expansion has been sizeable, it was also a part of an even larger plan. By coupling the expansion with new ERP software and ISO certification, Catalyst now provides a wider assortment of manufacturing capabilities, at a higher level of quality, while operating with more efficiency than at any time in our 25-year history. It’s a win-win for both Catalyst as well as our clients!

Heavy Lift

Any one of these undertakings would prove to be a challenge for a company to successfully execute. When you consider that all three efforts were achieved simultaneously, the overall improvement plan seemed a bit daunting at the outset. Fortunately, Indiana is a great state to do business in and there are solutions available to companies that qualify. While in the research and planning phase, due diligence uncovered a powerful resource to assist with achieving our business goals. The Conexus Manufacturing Readiness Grant presented an opportunity we just couldn’t pass up.





A partnership between the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and Conexus Indiana makes this grant available for Hoosier companies engaged in the manufacturing industry. While this program has awarded millions in funding to companies all across the state, the size of the individual grant awarded is tailored to support the goals of each individual proposal. The support Catalyst has received from Conexus has proven to be invaluable, so we couldn’t keep it to ourselves! Read up on the scope of the Manufacturing Readiness Grant awarded to Catalyst in a Conexus case study.

What It Means For You

Whether you are a current student preparing to be ready for the career of tomorrow or you operate a business in Indiana, Conexus is a resource you should familiarize yourself with. This non-profit group has various programs that support student education, talent acquisition and training, automation, integrating A.I. into the workforce as well as many other efforts to elevate Indiana businesses to a higher level.  Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics (AML) as well as preparing for the transition to Industry 4.0 are the focus of Conexus programs, forums, grants, and networking groups. The Manufacturing Readiness grant was a fit for Catalyst because it’s tailored to specifically assist Indiana manufacturing companies looking to up their game in regard to technology and personnel.

Preparation Is Key

Being selected to receive a Conexus grant is more than an infusion of revenue, it’s a vote of confidence that your business model is on solid footing, and the company is poised to grow or make advancements in a meaningful way. The Manufacturing Readiness Grant is intended to encourage growth that strengthens the manufacturing industry and adds to the Indiana economy. If your company could benefit from an MRG, be prepared to invest some time creating a solid proposal before you submit an application. But don’t worry, there’s still time to get all your ducks in a row! At the time of this blog’s publication, applications for the next round of funding have not yet opened. Check back soon and often to be at the top of their list for consideration. 

The bottom line is that Catalyst exists to help entrepreneurs and businesses succeed. If you are interested in applying, don’t hesitate to Get In Touch with any questions you may have about the process.

Catalyst Product Development Group