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Thinking outside the box has become somewhat predictable.

So, we redesigned the box.

Every product begins with a spark of inspiration: a problem in need of solution, an opportunity ripe for picking, a concept discovered on the way to something else. But what allows a really great product to realize its full potential?

Innovation and Timing.

Products that solve problems, increase margins, and gather market share are not simply the result of great design, but great design achieved in a rapid time frame. Catalyst has proven that lead times considered aggressive–even unrealistic–can be achieved without sacrificing innovation or blowing the budget. In fact, we’ve been doing it for a decade. Catalyst knows the goal in developing successful products is not winning awards or building our portfolio–it’s about making money for our clients. It says so right in our mission statement. If you want a product design company that offers an “experience”, you are probably on the wrong website. If you are looking for a company that will provide valuable intellectual property and get you to market quickly without sacrificing creativity, then let’s get started.