Have you given up on your 2021 goals yet?  You aren’t alone.

According to Forbes, 80% of us give up on our New Year’s Resolutions right about now.   A quick Google search shows more than 31 million articles with advice on how to stick to that doomed annual tradition.  But what if you have a bigger dream than simply eating better?  What does it take to finally realize that life changing idea you’ve been kicking around?

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

-Thomas A. Edison

Meet Matt Shade, inventor and President of The Push-Up Machine.  Matt came to Catalyst with an idea and a sketch on a napkin.  Now he sells his successful, patented invention online.  Matt will tell you this allows him to live out his true dream- improving people’s lives.

Follow a bit of Matt’s journey with Catalyst and hear his advice for anyone with the dream of developing a product.


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