Dear Valued Clients and Strategic Partners:

No doubt you have been following the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) situation as we have. While we are confident the virus will be controlled, we do not want to underestimate the potential seriousness of the situation. The health and safety of our associates, customers, and strategic partners is critical to our shared success. Therefore, Catalyst would like to communicate the measures we have taken to address the situation and mitigate the associated risk.

First, however, we want to emphasize that Catalyst is “open for business” and will continue to complete projects/orders for our clients on time and on budget. Though things are far from normal in the world, we plan to design, develop, and deploy creative product solutions, tooling, and molded parts, as we normally would.

To address the Covid-19 situation we have taken/are taking the following steps:

  • We are distributing weekly/daily communications to our associates emphasizing the importance of following the hygienic guidelines set forth by the CDC.
  • We are daily wiping down doors, counters, equipment, restrooms, break areas, shared items/areas using disinfectants approved by the CDC.
  • We have curtailed internal meetings and encouraged video conferencing for external meetings.
  • We have instructed associates to maintain appropriate distance between each other and moved associates in shared offices to separate them as much as possible.
  • We have stopped all company travel that required public transportation. Travel to clients via automobile is still allowed if approved by management.
  • We have instructed press operators to use gloves/facemasks when producing and packaging client parts.
  • We have approved additional paid time off for associates and instructed them to stay home if they feel sick or have a household family member that is sick.
  • We have instructed those associates that can effectively work remotely to do so to reduce potential person-to-person interactions within the facility. We have appropriate technology/infrastructure in place such that this will be seamless to our clients.
  • We have altered schedules, so associates are in staggered shifts to reduce interactions.
  • We have spoken with our key suppliers and have been assured that raw materials will continue to be available and that lead times will not stretch excessively.
  • We have spoken to our financial partners and have been assured that should the economic situation critically worsen credit lines will be available should we need them.
  • And, we have made sure we have plenty of toilet paper…

Again, Catalyst is here to support your needs.  If you have critical design, tooling, or molding projects on hold due to budget constraints, let us know how we can help. If you are experiencing supply issues with off-shore suppliers, we can temporarily bridge your production needs. Our success depends on your success and if we can keep your organization moving forward through this, that is what we plan to do.

No doubt we are all in uncharted waters, but familiar shores are just over the horizon and we will get there. As always, Catalyst truly appreciates the opportunity to be of service to you and your organization. We stand ready to assist in this current situation as well as when things return to business as usual.


My Best Regards,

Jack Lawson | President/CEO

Catalyst Product Development Group