Humans are capable of wonderous achievement. 

Catalyst extends a hearty congratulations to all involved in the Perseverance Mars Rover program.  The successful landing of advanced human technology on the surface of another planet represents countless hours of preparation, specialized expertise and well … perseverance. On a project of this magnitude, many dozens if not hundreds of problems must be overcome with innovation.  Here at Catalyst, we fully recognize what an amazing achievement that is.

New technology and innovation generated by the Perseverance program is already benefiting us here on terra firma.  Most of us know that space exploration gave us the gifts of Velcro and Tang, but the full list is a lot deeper and much more impactful.  NASA tracks advancements in technology that originate from missions and makes their way to use in the general public.  These useful breakthroughs are called spinoffs and to date, there are more than 2,000 featured on their site.  Stay up to date with everything on the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover mission here.

Innovation is key.

We all benefit from these advancements whether they’re used for warmer materials in jackets, cleaner air or the tiny high-def cameras embedded within our smartphone.  If you’re in need of some inspiration, it’s worth a click to see how space travel has changed everyday life for us.  Crafty people are constantly taking established NASA technology and applying it to solve new problems, big and small.

“It’s incredible to be able to leverage a technology NASA’s created and apply it to something that’s fun and exciting—in this case, drinking beer.” says Dan Gwiazdowski, founder of KegSheet.

The KegSheet is made from an advanced type of Mylar, an insulating material first developed by NASA.  It was originally used to maintain temperatures on sensitive equipment or astronauts exposed to the harsh environment presented in space.  The reusable keg cover can replace multiple bulky bags of ice at events.  Because of Dan’s creative repurposing of NASA tech, we can all raise a slightly colder beer in a toast to innovation.  Huzzah!

Perseverance Pays Off 1

Anyone could have a big impact right here on earth. 

This example proves that you can create successful products without an advanced engineering degree. (Leave that to us!)  All you need is an idea or solution to a problem that enough people need to be solved.  Whether coming from a multi-billion dollar corporation or the noble garage tinkerer, the timeless beauty of innovation stays the same.  Define a problem or need and come up with a real-world solution.  Catalyst has refined this process with countless reps of Research, Design, Engineering, Prototyping and the Manufacture of tangible, successful products.  It’s proof you don’t have to land on Mars when shooting for the stars.

We are living in a truly remarkable time in history where almost anything seems possible.  You can stand in your back yard, stare millions of miles into the night sky and know a little bit of humanity is out there exploring unknown possibilities.  Ooooh … so deep.  So stay curious, work hard and we’ll see you around the innovation playground!

Perseverance Pays Off 2
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