Supporting the Demand Efficiently

We all know the challenges of obtaining PPE when you are dependent on overseas vendors during a world pandemic.  Throughout the month of April, Catalyst was in conversations with the State of Indiana to better understand where we could help become a dependable local supplier.  The product development team at Catalyst had created a version of splash-resistant vented goggles that could be available domestically for similar, current overseas pricing. These goggles are uniquely designed to allow for the polycarbonate lens to be overmolded on to FDA grade, TPE frame. This creates not only a more secure lens design, but also reduces labor cost and lead time of the secondary assembly of snapping in the lens after the injection molding process of both components.

In less than 25 business days, the team at Catalyst had designed, engineered, prototyped, and developed four (4) separate injection molding tools to create a product that was only a thought on how we could assist in supporting the PPE efforts in early April.

The Next Evolution Forward

Catalyst Product Development is always about exploring the next iteration.  In our small batch, low volume molding facility, our design, engineering and operations teams are open to exploring different tints, colors, materials and scratch resistance coatings. A basic goggle design can be easily evolved into an alternative product that can meet the needs of any application whether it’s UVC protection goggle for Hospitals during cleaning or adding a tint to the frame and lens for outside job worksite applications.

Come explore how Catalyst can help make your project into more than what you expected. Contact us to learn more.

Catalyst Product Development Group