Recently, a letter from Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb arrived at Catalyst.

The Governor wrote to thank us for the role our company played in the fight against COVID-19.  At the start of the pandemic, we quickly designed and manufactured much needed PPE equipment for 30,000 frontline workers.  You can see more about that effort here.  That letter from the Governor got us thinking … that project feels like a lifetime ago.  You see, at Catalyst, we tend to quickly pivot and focus on the next inspiring project, problem or innovation.  Plus, so much has happened since the early days of the Pandemic.  Many of us have become numb to the daily reports and have tried to live our lives as normally as we can while still staying safe.  But here’s the deal, the frontline workers can’t do that.  The very people we had in our minds and hearts while designing, refining and producing those safety goggles are still needing that protection every day.

To all the frontline and medical workers, we thank you.

At the time of this writing, COVID-19 is surging with record numbers, even as we see delivery efforts of the vaccines.  We all hope this pandemic will end soon.  However, until then we rely on the bravery and resilience of those frontline workers.  They may be tired and stressed, but they’re still fighting for all of us and that deserves our gratitude.

Catalyst Product Development Group