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Below you will find a brief outline of the capabilities and services offered at Catalyst to help evaluate the potential of a partnership. While Catalyst was a first time exhibitor at OMTEC this year, we are not new to rapid product development. Since our doors opened in 1999, we have been committed to our foremost priority: Our customer’s satisfaction and success is our success.

Catalyst is proud to have served thousands of clients by injecting innovation into their product line over the past 25 years. Information on our cumulative track record can be found on the 25th anniversary blog entry: Celebrating By The Numbers. If you have a few minutes, we encourage you to watch the video as well. Taken together, the video and blog entry illustrates the depth of experience that you can leverage with our services.

A Refined Process

Possibly one of the most useful resources for you to become familiar with our capabilities is the Catalyst Process page. There you will find a high-level description of the comprehensive product development services we offer in-house. Our approach to product development has been refined over the years to be built on speed, flexibility and efficiency. Catalyst delivers expert, custom-tailored solutions should your project require one or all of our available services.

Our Work

Catalyst clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing their intellectual property is protected by an NDA. All services are completed at our facility, minimizing exposure, claiming the full market share potential, and reducing risk. The following portfolio examples have been authorized for our use by the client.

Details of the Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Mold Design, Tooling and Molding can be found in our case study on the ARTEK Pro precision thermal management device.

Relja Innovations

Catalyst performed the DFM (Development For Manufacturability) Analysis, Mold Design, Tooling and Molding for the completed design submission.  Delivering the production units for the MIS Precision Chevron Bunion System illustrates the flexibility built into our Process and Services.

Plasticity Neurorehabilitation

Neurologist Dr. Luke Barr turned to Catalyst when he was told that the design for his neurorehabilitation device was unfeasible. See how Catalyst quickly helped to save three years of research to deliver the Polyform-1h.

Biolife Solutions

Rely on Catalyst to create compelling visuals to facilitate internal executive buy-in or customer facing marketing materials while your project is under development. High-quality sketches, renderings and animations helped to convey the functionality of the Signata CT-5 Universal Cell Management System before it was available to the market. Our collaboration with you extends well beyond our expertise in plastic design and development.

The top of the ARTEC Pro with simplified user interface.
Medical device components

Client Reviews

A product development company is only as successful as the work it produces. At Catalyst, we recognize the critical importance of customer success and satisfaction. We are happy to share what our clients are saying about their experience in working with Catalyst. We are also proud to note that on average, over two-thirds of our business comes from repeat clients or referrals each year.  Our ultimate goal is to be able to count your company among them.

Get The Ball Rolling

Catalyst serves as a powerful extension of your internal resources. Great things are possible when industrial design, mechanical engineering, prototyping and quality manufacturing coalesce into a single, agile unit. Whether you need comprehensive services or a just little help, Catalyst can guide your project down the quickest path to market.  We look forward to connecting with you in person!

For immediate innovation, simply contact us and we’ll be in touch.

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